The investment on efficiency is the most profitable in the energy sector because it gives, in a short period of time, a tangible economic return by ensuring, in the long terms, the advantages of an integrated approach to the management of energy needs.

Our services of energy audit and feasibility study are functional to this approach and they are comparable with the “haute couture” activity where you start the dress preparation by carefully taking the size and making the first dress model.

The energy audit has the objective of representing the current situation and putting the base for the system restructure, by increasing the efficiency and reducing the waste. Details analysis of the usage process a/o of the energy transformation, allows to arrange technical solutions that are reliable, effective and efficient, and are able to create continuous value.

The feasibility study is focused on the financial/economic evaluation of possible solutions for the efficiency improvement and the energy supply. Various proposals are compared through standard economic and environmental indicators in order to make the project financially attractive to third parties.