In order to develop and make our offer unique, we have created the innovative methodology Care&Share™ based on the principle of value sharing with the customer.

It is the first “open methodology” in energy field, a very precious instrument at disposal of our customers to plan their energy program and to transform costs into opportunities.

Care&Share™ enhances the three operative phases of our service provisioning process by emphasizing each one through the attention given to creation and sharing of the value.

  1. Analysis of current situation

We take care of the specific situation of each client, analysing the identified location with the most advanced technologies, with the objective of selecting the most suitable possibilities to optimize the productivity by reducing the costs.

  1. Action proposal

Based on the analysis results we express and develop several proposals, with different technological and financial options that allow the customer to choose the best possible solution with tailored production and return plans. Our solutions, different from common standard, are developed thanks to an accurate analytical and creative activity and employ exclusive technologies.

  1. Realisation and sharing

We design and develop the selected projects by converting the potential value into real value and sharing it with our customer who will always control the financial balance and will constantly verify his profit margins.